They are obtained by sintering Of Rare Earths. This kind of magnets reaches the highest values of magnetic attraction; for this reason, they are recommended where great power is required in small spaces. Another advantage is the maintenance of the magnetic charge which is higher than in other types. It's recommended to respect the max operating temperatures indicated in Physical Magnet Data Sheet.

The neodymium sew-in magnets are equipped with a protective, perforated plastic that allows them to be sewn easily with needle and thread.

All measurements are in millimeters. Other sizes and shapes on request.

The magnetization is axial. Other kind of magnetization on request. 
MC01.350000.102 SC35MANI 10 2 1,10
MC01.350000.122 SC35MANI 12 2 1,25
MC01.350000.202 SC35MANI 20 2 2,30
MC01.350000.203 SC35MANI 20 3 3,50

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