Isotropic Plastoferrite - NOT ORIENTED BH max 0,5 - glossy coloured PVC

PLASTOFLEX X5 magnets are made by a compound of synthetic rubber powder and Barium Ferrite.They are obtained by extrusion.
The available sizes are: thickness from 1.2 to 3 mm/ width from 10 to 60 mm/length rolls. We can also provide custom-cut pieces by request.
They are also available with coloured pvc glossy or coupled to various types of self-adhesive, both self-adhesive and  white foam self adhesive at high adhesion.

Magnetization : axial / 2 poles /more poles on the same side.

PN04.X50000.1215 1,2 15 50
PN04.X50000.1220 1,2 20 50
PN04.X50000.1225 1,2 25 50
PN04.X50000.1230 1,2 30 50
PN04.X50000.1235 1,2 35 50
PN04.X50000.2020 2 20 50


All the measurements are in millimeters. Other sizes and shapes on request.





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