Magnetic pockets have a strong magnetic fastening, suitable for use in all conditions especially in warehouses.They always offer the best conditions of use and adhesion to the metal support.
Magnetic pockets guarantee a clean and safe transport of documents through the processes of production and storage.They are made with various magnetic fasteners, suitable for every kind of adhrence and use. The particular shape and sturdy plastic material have been studied for various condition of use. Standard colours: Grey, Red, Blue, Green.

Ideal for “Quality Control” and ISO 9001/9002 certifications.

BM02.00BL00.1151 115 110
BM02.00BL00.2202 220 120
BM02.00BL00.2206 220 160
BM02.00BL00.2205 220 305
BM02.00BL00.3205 240 320

*The height does not include the 30mm flap.

All the measures are in millimeters. Other sizes and shapes by request.

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