SUPERCALAMITA Magnetic Systems offer the highest attraction, in small sizes and weights.
SM39 have been designed to offer maximum protection to the magnet, isolating it from external aggressive agents such as humidity, salt water, acids.
They consist of a black PVC case, and a neodymium ring coated with epoxy resin.
The countersunk hole is an excellent alternative to magnet bonding, which often takes longer.
This product is suitable in different conditions of use such as: industrial kitchens, office furniture, marine applications, shipbuilding, food products...


SM39.NDPVC0.30104.3 30 10 4,3 5
SM39.NDPVC0.40105.4 40 10 5,4 7
SM39.NDPVC0.50106.5 50 10 6,5 18


Max Temperature 80 °C. Physical Magnet Data Sheet


All the measurements are in millimeters. Other sizes and shapes on request.





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