We designed SM22 in order to offer the max protection for the magnet. In this way it is isolated from agressive external agents (moisture, salt, water, acids...) and it's covered by a chrome case. This product is suitable in different conditions of use such as: industrial kitchens, office furniture, marine applications, shipbuilding, food products...
The strength of attraction is purely indicative and it could be different depending on the type of application and assembly.

SM22.35NI00.1985 19 8 M5X4 6
SM22.35NI00.2010 20 10 M3X5.5 8
SM22.35NI00.3010 30 10 M6X7 13
SM22.35NI00.3816 38 10 M6X5 34
SM22.35NI00.5020 50 20 M8X8 85

Max Temperature 80 °C. Physical Magnet Data Sheet


All the measurements are in millimeters. Other sizes and shapes on request.


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