ITALFIT MAGNETI has been established in Trieste in 1973.  The company analyzed different application fields, from industrial valves to magnetic materials, to satisfy the technical requirement of a high number of industries. 

Technical and business research has been immediately developed; for this reason, today, Italfit Magneti is an avant-garde company, always in line with the variable market conditions.

In the 80’s, Permanent magnets department grew in an exponential way, compared to the other application field treated, up to become the prevailing one.

In the 90’s the company moved into the province of Udine, in a small location, where a growing number of contacts of different kind of industries began to prosper. By this time the Italian market relies upon the name ITALFIT MAGNETI SRL, which ensures and guarantees excellent products, manufactured by itself with attention and care.

Today the company also collaborates with European companies of every State and size.

ITALFIT MAGNETI SRL realizes magnetic systems of various types, with the utmost attention to customers needs: good quality, a competitive price, immediate availability and best customer service.



The ITALFIT MAGNETI bases its own business on two main aspects: Supplies  permanent magnet in big series and high quantities, produced in our factories abroad, at extremely competitive prices combined with a high quality.

With this organization, we can provide the Customer with any type of magnet and any quantity required with an average delivery of 30 days.

Italfit Magneti is one of the few companies on the territory with supplies of magnetic systems and magnetic equipment produced in-house, both standard and to specific customer requirements.


Supplies magnetic systems and magnetic equipment, produced internally, both standard and customer specifications. Production of special magnets drawing or in small series.

With this organization, combining quality at a highly competitive price, we can meet the needs of different types of Customers, to help the Customer choose the magnet and to ensure the best after-sales service.