Wednesday, 27th April 2022


The human body naturally has magnetic and electric fields inside its molecules.
The atoms of our cells have two different electric charges: one inside and one outside which is called “resting membrane potential ”.
Magnetotherapy is a treatment capable of restoring the outside electric charge which potential is altered.

There are a lot of different magnet therapies, the most popular ones are:
LOW FREQUENCY: It helps the assimilation of calcium, to strengthen the skeletal system, stimulate bone calcification, to accelerates the healing time from a fracture;
HIGH FREQUENCY: It helps blood circulation and reduces inflammatory states, with the ultimate aim of relieving the painful sensation.


Monday, March 2nd 2020


We are glad to introduce our new production of  Permanent Magnet Motors.

MC Motor Europe, represents in Europe the advanced high-tech manufacturing Permanent Magnet Motors enterprise called MC Motor Technology (Shenzen) Co., Ltd.

Our main mission is to produce, research and design a new generation of special Permanent Magnet Motor systems with advanced technical solutions for high-speed compressors, fans, pumps, large load electric-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) , robots and other emerging industries.

Nowaday the company has worldwide reserved intellectual property rights about approximately one hundred core technologies as well as for the material, process, device, system design and other aspects, most of which have been successfully applied to self-developed products of MC Motor.

Our R&D department has made the common weak points of motor industry one of our workhorse thanks to new patented technologies. Furthermore, it has conducted a series of comprehensive upgrading on traditional motor equipment still used in the industry to realize the high efficiency, reliability, safety, energy saving, light weight and miniaturization of the motor equipment.

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Monday, February 27th 2020


Would you guess the common challenge a Magnet is facing? Rust.
By composition, the main material of a Neodymium Magnet is Iron which can easily oxidize in humid environments, destroying the coating of it.
For this reason, using Magnets outdoor could not be the best option.
This is why we have found a solution by creating 3 different kind of anti rust Magnet:

SM08, with threaded stern;

SM22, with threaded hole;

SM35, totally folded with rubber

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For every code you can  find dimensions and strengths in order to find the better magnet for your needs.